Download uninstall edge browser for windows 10. How to uninstall Microsoft Edge

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Download uninstall edge browser for windows 10. How to remove Microsoft Edge from Windows 10

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In Windows 10, Microsoft introduced a new browser called Microsoft Edge. It was created to replace Internet Explorer. Edge is positioned as a modern browser with support of all mainstream web standards. Microsoft implemented a new rendering engine for the browser, which stripped out a lot of legacy code. However, for many users, Microsoft Edge is not at all impressive. Its user interface is less configurable at all compared to Internet Explorer’s rich options.

Many users want to remove Microsoft Edge from Windows Today, I would like to share how it can be done. Microsoft Edge is now a Chromium-based browser with a number of exclusive features like Read Aloud and services tied to Microsoft instead of Google.

The browser has already received a few updates, with support for ARM64 devices. Also, Microsoft Edge is still supporting a number of aging Windows versions, including Windows 7. Finally, interested users can download MSI installers for deployment and customization.

Note: Once installed, it replaces the classic Edge and hides it from the app list. Check out how to have them installed side-by-side. In this post, we will see how to uninstall and remove the Microsoft Edge browser in Windows 10 , both its Chromium and Legacy versions. Like any built-in Windows apps, Microsoft Edge has no option to get rid of it.

To uninstall and remove the Edge browser in Windows 10 , we need to refer to a third party tool. Follow the intructions below. It works on offline images as well as online.

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If I was an Apple person I would be trying to remove a shit load of Apple bloatware, and Linux has its share of crap. Give us a copy of Windows 7 or 8 to download and revert back to….. I had them and others ALL deleted from my Windows Thanks Sergey, I had to search very hard to find this solution. I do not know if it will break a future update — but every update breaks something anyway!

Ah but now my friend you must distinguish between Edge legacy and Edge Chromium because the idiots at Microsoft have decided to use the same name for two completely different browsers, to confuse the public as much as possible.

Next they will probably skip a version number like Windows 9 to make you think the product is better than its competitors. Right click it to pin it to your start or taskbar. How do I delete the Edge icon from the Start Menu? The app is uninstalled, but the shortcut remains. In the Start Menu?

You mean the Tile? If so you should be able to right click and Un-Pin From Start. I had no use for Edge, plus it and feedback quit working, so away they go. Looking forward to more Windows 10 downloads. Well done and thanks a ton. One little problem left: the icon for Edge is still showing up in All Apps. Any ideas? Just hold the icon , and on the top right of icon you will see a PIN , hit that and icon will go away.

I ran this twice following the instructins and both times fails: Windows cannot access the specified device,path,or file. You may not have the appropriate permissions to access the item. I did this a while ago, and it worked flawlessly.

Unfortunately, with one of the newer updates, I started to have slow boot problems. I checked the event viewer and I get these errors every day:. Please contact your software vendor. Error: Install failed. Has anyone else had a similar problem with these error messages? How can we reinstall Edge without a reformat? I have a Connect icon on my All Apps list and when you right click it has an option to Uninstall the app, but after displaying an hourglass for a moment nothing happens.

Is there a way to remove this? True genius and a real benefit to the IE world. Will donate! We run some apps that are browser specific to IE I know, it hurts to admit, not my decision , and it would be nice to know how to re-install edge without having to reinstall Windows. Anyone play around more with this tool and figure something out? I used the unistall edge zip file and it worked but my main reason for doing it was to free up space on my C drive but that has not changed. How can I remove the unrequired files?

This update version launchs again display of images! Edge is obviously active…. The app is open-source. You can compile it yourself, and use only the batch file from the ZIP archive. Please be aware that removing Edge will make certain Windows security updates such as KB fail. These updates presume Edge to be present when trying to patch it.

If Edge is missing, these updates will fall with error code 0xfff. As security updates generally address a number of issues throughout Windows, this may mean that your system may be open to known security issues.

Only bringing Edge back — e. Big bummer. Will you update the zip file please? I have done that already. Can this be fixed in a future release please?

This does, it works, but it ruins the Windows Update system, preventing the installation of future updates. Or even reduce security. As it is built into Windows as core part, used also for another features like IE. And it is updated often, on next update this may not work… Windows is so annoying… I think I will settle for now, denying all permissions for my user account for Edge. Also it is annoying process edge updater is running sometimes, or service. There is one stripper Windows version, but it has only DX11 and it is not as secure, I might as well use Win 7 then….

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Why can’t I uninstall Microsoft Edge?


Microsoft says its new Edge web browser cannot be uninstalled but that is simply not true. The right PowerShell command entered in the right folder can accomplish the task. Unless you or your company actively take steps to prevent it, Microsoft will roll out a new Chromium-based Edge browser to your Windows 10 PC by the end of if they haven’t already. This new version of Edge replaces the older Edge versions, which have been reclassified as deprecated legacy browsers. The installation of this new Edge browser also signals the end of Internet Explorer, which should please many cybersecurity experts.

According to Microsoft blog posts and answers to user’s questions , the new Edge browser cannot, and should not, be uninstalled from a Windows 10 computer. But there is indeed a way to uninstall the Edge browser that involves a specific PowerShell command performed in a specific file folder on a specific file. The question of whether uninstalling the Edge browser is a good idea, however, is still up for debate.

This how-to tutorial shows you how to uninstall the new Edge browser from Windows 10 using PowerShell. Microsoft updates features and installations periodically, and this method may not be effective in a future iteration. Note 2: You will want to download and install a replacement browser before you uninstall the Microsoft Edge browser.

As you can see in Figure A , when you scroll down to the Edge entry Version 84 in the apps list, the Uninstall button is grayed out. To uninstall the Windows 10 Edge web browser, we will have to use PowerShell. Open File Explorer and navigate to this file folder deep inside the Program Files x86 folder:. Still in File Explorer, open the file folder with the Edge version number, in our example it is named Then open the “Installer” folder to find the setup.

The complete path to the right folder should look something like this and Figure B :. This will open an instance of PowerShell located at the correct file folder, as shown in Figure C. That combination of commands and parameters should uninstall the Edge browser from your Windows 10 computer.

Microsoft has heavily integrated Edge into the inner workings of the operating system and uninstalling it could cause significant system instability. If you want to use another web browser like Chrome or Firefox, download it, install it, and then set it as your default browser. There is really no need to take the drastic step of uninstalling Microsoft Edge, particularly if you are a novice user of the Windows 10 operating system.

Use this technique at your own risk—there will be consequences. Be your company’s Microsoft insider by reading these Windows and Office tips, tricks, and cheat sheets. Delivered Mondays and Wednesdays. Editor’s note: This article has been updated to correct a typo in the PowerShell prompt.

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Download uninstall edge browser for windows 10


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Necessary Necessary. Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly. While initially Edge was built on its own proprietary web engine, it was rebuilt in as a Chromium-based browser, which significantly increased its performance and, consequently, its popularity. Nevertheless, if you are one of the Windows users who prefer other web browsers and never use Microsoft Edge, it might have crossed your mind to remove it from your system.

You can do that with the push of a button thanks to the Uninstall Edge application. This lightweight software utility provides a tweak to help you modify the registry so as to completely uninstall Microsoft Edge from your computer. It is compatible with Windows 10 and Windows 11 and it can remove the stable version of Edge. Please be advised that this small application cannot remove unstable versions of Microsoft Edge if you have them installed on your PC.

To put it another way, once this key is added to the registry, any attempt to install or update Microsoft Edge is automatically blocked.