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How to Get Rid of Audio Recording Latency.

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Midi Nation is supported by our great readers. We might get a commission if you buy gear through a link on this page [at no additional cost to you]. The interface acts as a medium between your hardware and software. Buying the best low latency audio interface is crucial for getting the most out of your studio. You want to connect multiple instruments to your computer. You want multiple output options.

And you want quick access to volume, gain, and basic EQ settings. His first experience with electronic music production dates back to Cubase 3. He lives in San Diego and freelances as a producer and part-time DJ. Manufacturer after manufacturer plasters this term in their advertising with complete disregard for their actual latency. When you press a key, an instruction must physically transfer to the computer via wires , have it processed, and have it sent back to you via a different channel such as a studio monitor.

All of this takes time, which contributes to the latency. Because these conditions can change from computer to computer and time to time you might have 21 different Chrome tabs open simultaneously while using Ableton , your latency can also vary.

This is a function of our biological limits. Just like a computer, there is a gap between the time we see or hear something and the time it takes for our brains to process it. Physically, human beings have an average reaction time of ms.

That is, most of us take ms to react to an action such as a ball thrown at our face. Our other senses, especially sight and hearing, are much faster. The fastest we can process visual or auditory information is 13ms. Some highly trained or genetically gifted people might be able to process it faster, but in general, 13ms is the amount of time taken to process an input. Any system — video or audio — that processes an input and produces an output within 13 seconds will feel lag-free to human beings.

If you go beyond this limit, performance issues start to creep in. At 21ms, the trained among you will start feeling that something is off. At 35ms, it will feel definitely off. Make 13ms your latency limit. Any audio interface you buy should, given the ideal conditions, offer a 13ms latency. This can go up, especially if your computer is under heavy load, but in perfect production conditions, it should not go beyond 13ms.

Its small size and relatively affordable price point in the context of high-end audio production at least make it a favorite for serious home studios. In fact, they sit at the very top end of the home studio interface market. Think of this as a condensed version of the Apollo 8. But plug in the Apollo Solo and you suddenly find that you have a lot more fidelity in your recordings. Muddy audio sounds clearer. The dynamic range is wider.

But what sets the Solo truly apart is the plugin support. Currently, the UAD library has over plugins. Some are free, some are paid. If you hope to emulate true professionals, this software ecosystem is a must-have.

It will completely transform how you record. It will also open up whole new avenues for experimentation. Want the signature crunch of a Fender Tweed amp? Want a LN compressor? Since this Console 2. Of course, this also ticks all the other boxes — you get excellent Thunderbolt connectivity, making it one of the best audio interfaces for Mac. There is a giant knob on the front of the interface to control gain.

And there is a built-in talk back function for studio recording. Recommended for: Serious home studios and producers who want best-in-class audio quality and an exceptional range of classic preamps and compressors. The Audient iD4 is a step up from the popular Focusrite 2i2 one of our favorite audio interfaces and offers just about everything a serious beginner would need without burning a big hole in your pocket. It is one of the smallest audio interfaces on the market and sits comfortably on the tiniest of desks.

It also has two inputs and two outs — great for a solo musician looking to record an instrument and mic simultaneously. The Audient is a portable powerhouse. If you are looking for an audio interface at a cheap price and want great performance, this is one of the best low latency audio interfaces around, especially considering the price. In fact, in our experience, the iD4 performs substantially better on Mac than it does on Windows more on this below.

The Class-A mic pre is smooth and roomy. There is little to no hiss even when the gain is pumped all the way up. This line input mimics the input stage of a valve amplifier. The result is a richer, warmer sound right out of the box. The iD4 does not have the sheer amount of features that more expensive audio interfaces have. For instance, it does not have the polarity inversion, high-pass filter and pad features of some of the high-end audio interfaces on our list.

But you at least get 48V phantom power. The specs list the range as dB but we did detect some distortion at the very top end of this range. However, I expect few, if any of you will push the iD4 to this limit. A nifty feature is the iD button on the front of the device. This button activates the ScrollControl function which allows you to use the rotary knob to scroll through settings, parameters, and even iTunes playlists.

Think of it as a large physical scroll button that sits on your desk and frees you from the mouse or trackpad. We found ScrollControl to be particularly useful for controlling faders, compressor thresholds, and EQ. The bundled software is also quirky and cumbersome. Minor nags such as right-clicking on the app icon to access settings clicking the icon does nothing make it annoying to use.

Recommended for: If you are looking for a cheap audio interface, this is easily one of the best low latency audio interfaces in you can buy. These sound good enough for most home studios with robust clarity and definition. There is an audible hiss once you crank up the gain, however, making it unsuitable for recording particularly sharp instruments like snares.

You also get a dedicated talk back footswitch port. The big feature is, of course, the big knob. This knobby goodness gets you complete control over the entire unit, letting you select inputs and control gain right from the front of the device.

With an interface that has sampling rates of kHz and a depth of bit, you can rest assured your recordings will turn out great. During use, the temperature rises, and it feels almost hot to touch. The knob can also feel a bit loose to some users and makes fine control difficult. There is a faint but audible hiss when you crank up the gain past the halfway mark. Recommended for: Amateur producers looking for the best low latency audio interface for their home studio.

One of the first things people notice about the Apogee Duet is how tiny it is. Even though it packs in studio-quality preamps, it is barely larger than a large smartphone. The second thing people notice is how good it looks. With its brushed silver aluminum housing and glass panel, it looks likes something Apple would design. It helps prevent digital clipping by rounding off transient peaks before they hit the analog-to-digital converter.

The result is an analog-like warmth without the harsh peaks so common in lower-end digital recordings. This is a step up from the bit DACs found in most low and mid-range interfaces. The result is clearer audio that preserves the soundstage of the original recording. A standout feature for me is native iOS compatibility. Integration with Mac OS is excetionally smooth otherwise as well. It also integrates seamlessly with Logic Pro X.

On the whole, we feel this is not only the best portable audio interface, but also the best audio interface for Mac OS. If you have one, you might experience choppy sound. Integration with Reaper and Cubase is also shoddy though Ableton works fine.

Recommended for: The Apogee Duet is the best low latency audio interface for Mac users. It is also one of the most portable audio interfaces around. If you use Logic Pro or Garageband, or like recording on the go, this should be your first choice. This flexibility makes it possible for the Zen Tour to emulate countless vintage amps and FX units.

FPGA is usually only found in ultra high-end audio interfaces, but the Zen Tour makes it available in this relatively affordable unit. The result is that you get access to a whole range of vintage hardware emulators, all based on the FPGA architecture. FPGA architecture also makes it possible to record music at virtually zero latency since true zero latency is physically impossible.