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Marbel Peternakan dan Perkebunan para PC en el emulador de Android le permitirá tener una experiencia móvil más emocionante en una computadora con Windows. Juguemos Marbel Peternakan dan Perkebunan y disfrutemos el tiempo de diversión. Inicio. Store. Producto. Juegos. Blog. Nosotros. Search. Current Version: Game Category. Download Game PC / komputer gratis: game berkebun dan berternak. Daftar Game Komputer Gratis untuk Download Game simulasi mobil yang gratis dan cross-platform. SO: / Farm Frenzy 2 pilihan. Jalankan usaha peternakan dan bangun tempat pengolahan keju dan roti untuk menyelesaikan semua misi. SO: Windows XP/Vista/7 Ukuran File: Download Game PC Gratis. Download Game Peternakan Dan Perkebunan Untuk Laptop Gratis; Download Game Peternakan Dan Perkebunan Untuk Laptop Windows 7; untuk Windows 7, XP dan 8 – Kumpulan daftar ini saya susun dengan tujuan bisa mempermudah anda dalam menemukan game yang sedang dicari, tanpa harus membuka halaman blog Hienzo .

Hay Day: Review of Guides and game Secrets.

Jun 02,  · Ditambah lagi, daftar 20 game peternakan berikut ini mencakup game PC dan juga Android loh. Jadi pastinya kalian akan menemukan berbagai pilihan tanpa perlu repot-repot memikirkan spesifikasi HP ataupun PC kalian. Game Peternakan Terbaik. Nah tunggu apalagi, berikut ini adalah daftar 20 game peternakan terbaik yang mirip dengan Harvest Moon! Download Game PC / komputer gratis: game berkebun dan berternak. Daftar Game Komputer Gratis untuk Download Game simulasi mobil yang gratis dan cross-platform. SO: / Farm Frenzy 2 pilihan. Jalankan usaha peternakan dan bangun tempat pengolahan keju dan roti untuk menyelesaikan semua misi. SO: Windows XP/Vista/7 Ukuran File: Download Game PC Gratis. Download Game Peternakan Dan Perkebunan Untuk Laptop Gratis; Download Game Peternakan Dan Perkebunan Untuk Laptop Windows 7; untuk Windows 7, XP dan 8 – Kumpulan daftar ini saya susun dengan tujuan bisa mempermudah anda dalam menemukan game yang sedang dicari, tanpa harus membuka halaman blog Hienzo .


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Sebuah game gratis di smartphone yang cukup seru! Apabila kamu suka dengan game simulasi dimana kamu bisa menanam berbagai macam tanaman dan memelihara berbagai. Free Download Program Pocketdate Boy Crack · Tokyo Ghoul Parabellum Lyrics · Download Game Bleach Pc Full Version · Download Game Peternakan Dan Perkebunan Untuk.



For more information, just tap the info button. How does the neighborhood go to the next league? The victory system in horse racing has not changed.

The neighborhood with the most points gets the gold award of horse racing. But now the neighborhoods, which received a gold, silver or bronze award, are also moving into a higher league, where they will compete with other neighborhoods in new challenges.

On the other hand, if your neighborhood gets into the top three or fails to reach the control point, you will move to the previous league. If you do not fall into the top three, or in the top three, but get at least one horseshoe, you will remain in the same league until the next race.

And remember: the higher the league, the higher the chance of getting a bigger and better reward. Selection of opponents after the appearance of the leagues. The basic rule: You will compete with other neighborhoods of the same size so that everyone has the opportunity to perform the same number of tasks. In each race there will be no more than 15 neighborhoods competing with each other, and after the start of the new races you will be randomly selected neighborhoods of the same size and from the same league.

If you joined the neighborhood after the start of the current races or decided not to participate in them, you will have to wait for the next ones to start, so that your neighborhood does not get an advantage over the others, having more members per participant. If you want to know more about those who will compete, you can do it on the main screens of the neighborhoods. There you can see who takes part in the races. Why do I need to go to a higher league?

If you like to compete in races, then the leagues are what you need! Even more horseshoes, more tasks and more awards are waiting for you in the top leagues!

Winners of the race face more challenging tasks, where winning requires greater coherence, confidence and purposefulness. Together with your neighbors, farmers, you will compete with neighborhoods from around the world and be able to compete for the title of the best in the world! How to pick up a league horse race award? For each received horseshoe you will receive one award at the end of the races! You can get from 1 to 9 different awards depending on the league. To receive a reward, do the following:.

You can change the selected reward before you collect it. To do this, simply tap the shuffle button to get a new set of potential rewards. Remember: mixing costs diamonds. You probably already saw a house across the road from the farm? This is a neighbor house. At level 10 you can fix it, and then create a neighborhood or join an existing one. Having entered the neighborhood, you can take part in exciting races every week, where for the sake of victory and wonderful prizes all the neighbors must work together and complete tasks!

How to create a neighborhood? For coins you can create your own neighborhood. For a start, please come up with a good name for your neighborhood, since then it can no longer be changed. Then choose a logo for him. Then select the appropriate type of neighborhood:. How to join the neighborhood?

You can select it from the list of proposed neighborhoods, either:. How to change the neighborhood? Since you can only be in one neighborhood in order to enter another neighborhood, you first need to leave the current one. Remember that each time you leave a neighborhood, you need to wait a while before you enter another.

After this timeout, you can enter into the neighborhood you want. However, why not create your own neighborhood? Despite the fact that in the neighborhood everyone must work together, as a team, in order to trade and communicate, there are roles in them to help in managing the group.

Managers: these are players who can edit the neighborhood settings and invite new ones, since it was they who created it. They are responsible for their group. Also, a manager may “go down” a step below and transfer his position to the head of the department. And the manager can throw away the tasks of the races. If the manager throws away a task that is not selected, another task will appear very soon.

Co- heads : the second people in the team are appointed by the leader or other co-heads. They have the same set of duties and privileges as a manager, but they cannot lower or drive out a leader co-managers can only lower or drive out elders and participants. The co-leader can also throw away the race task. If he or she throws away a task that is not selected, another will very soon appear. Elders: this is the cement that holds the neighborhood together.

They make sure that everything in the group is good, and its members treat each other with respect. They can send invitations and accept applications.

Elders can also throw away race quests. If he or she rolls a task that is not selected, then another one will soon appear. Participants: their main role is to be part of a group, work together with everyone and take part in chat discussions. Participants can be promoted if they want something more. It is enough to ask about this co-director or leader. If a manager leaves the neighborhood without appointing a successor, a co-leader who has been in the neighborhood longer than the others will automatically take his place.

If there is no co-director, then the eldest of the elders will become the leader. If there is no co-leader or elder, then the place of the leader will be taken by the participant who has been in the neighborhood longer than the others.

How to change the name of the neighborhood? Unfortunately, developers cannot change names in the game. They will consider the possibility of changing the name of your neighborhood only if:. Developers understand that this is unpleasant, but to ensure internal security, the rules should apply equally to all players. Why am I blocked by chat? In order not to ignore the huge number of chats in the game, the developers use an automatic message system.

To be blocked, several players must send complaints to you within a certain time. The same player cannot send messages twice.

This means that you cannot be blocked only because of one person, the whole group must report. The lock will last 24 hours. After they expire, you will automatically be unlocked and will again be able to participate in the neighbor chat! After you create a neighborhood, you can start inviting all your friends who:. Several other things worth noting: players can decline invitations if this happened by mistake and the player still wants you to invite him, you can restart the game and try sending the invitation again.

Also, you do not need to create your own neighborhood. I am the head of the neighborhood. What happens if I get out of it? Leaving the neighborhood is possible All you need to do is to click on the “Exit” button, and a window will immediately pop up asking whether you are sure of your decision.

After that, the co-leader, who has been the longest in the neighborhood, is automatically appointed by the new leader. So do not worry: the neighborhood you created will be in good hands! However, if you are the only member of the neighborhood, then in this case, as soon as you exit, the neighborhood will cease to exist :. How to chat? Entering the neighborhood, you will see a semicircle-shaped tab on the left side of the screen. Touch it and the chat window will open.

Done, you can chat! When you open a chat, you will see three tabs:. And in the chat window there are two buttons. The first button, “i”, gives information about the neighborhood and its participants. The second button is located in the lower right corner of the chat. Touch it to open the keyboard. Can I be in several neighborhoods?

Neighborhoods are designed to make players feel like part of an exclusive group of top players who help each other by talking and bargaining. One can hardly be faithful to several wives : In other words, players can belong to only one neighborhood.

To become a member of another neighborhood, you must leave the neighborhood in which you are a member, after which you will have the chance to become part of a new neighborhood. Have you already entered the neighborhood? If not, hurry and join to take part in a new exciting competition! Are you wondering what these jumps are? Touch the horse racing stand, which is located next to the neighboring house.

There you will find various tasks and tests in which you can earn points for the neighborhood. The tasks will be the actions that you perform on the farm every day: harvesting, ordering, or working in the mine. For example, one of the tasks may be the completion of three orders on a truck. Choose a job and execute orders. You will still receive experience and coins, but along with them – racing glasses for your neighborhood!

Tasks have different levels of difficulty, so be sure to discuss them with your neighbors to make the right choice. As soon as you complete the task, your neighborhood will get racing points, and the horse will jump to the finish line! At the racetrack you will see small marks. For each passed mark, you will receive a horseshoe. At the end of the race, depending on the number of horseshoes collected by the neighborhood, you will receive an award.

What is even better: if you find yourself in the top three, you will get even more prizes! Get ready! Put on your best suit, sit tight in the saddle and hold on – the jumps are about to begin! When the races begin, you can help your neighborhood by completing quests. The tasks will be the actions that you already perform on the farm every day. For example, one of the tasks may be serving three visitors.

Once you choose your assignment, you will need to serve these visitors in the indicated buildings until you receive a gift from them for a certain time.

As soon as you take the task, a counter will appear in the upper right corner of the screen under the vouchers. Touching the icon, you can learn more about the task itself, and more about the time for its passage. You can also check the status of all tasks of the current races. To do this, simply scroll down to the tasks tab to see everything you have taken completed, discarded, current, and overdue.

You can also view the tasks of the current race. Just scroll down to the tasks tab and see which ones you took completed, discarded, current, and expired. After completing the task, you will see at the race stand how your horse rushes to the finish!

If there is a task on the board that no one wants to take, the head of the neighborhood, co-leaders and elders can throw it away.

Soon the neighborhood will receive a new task in return. Each neighborhood participant can complete a maximum of 5, 6, 7, 8, or 9 tasks per race, depending on the league. If the limit of tasks is exhausted, if you wish, you can buy an additional one. Tasks have different levels of difficulty, and each of them will bring a different number of points. Therefore, gather all the neighbors together, confer and decide who will do what!

Can someone help me with the tasks for the races? You will have to do most of the tasks yourself, but still some of them can be helped by your friends, the newspaper and Tom! Tasks are of different types:. Refusal of tasks of races. Abandoning the task for the race is simple: touch but do not choose the task you want to refuse.

Under the task will be a basket icon. Touch it. If you throw away an unselected task, then another 30 minutes will appear instead. Remember that there are 2 different rejection scenarios for racing tasks:. How to win the races? To become the best neighborhood in horse racing, you need to score more points than the neighborhoods with which you are competing.

For each received horseshoe blue flag on the scale , you will receive one prize. You can get up to five 9 horseshoes depending on the league , which will turn into 9 different prizes. Moreover, if you finish the race in the top three, you will receive an additional reward! If you joined the neighborhood during the races, then you just have to wait for them to finish and start new ones.

Why is that? Opponents at the races will be randomly selected neighborhoods with the same number of participants. Therefore, if you join the current race, your neighborhood will take precedence over the others, having more than one participant. In this case, the best option would be to change the neighborhood in the interval between jumps. Then you will not lose prizes and will be able to participate in the following races.

For now – get ready for new races! They are already approaching at full speed! The personal journal of tasks of races and the counter of trophies. Farmers, we have great news! Starting with the following races, you can view completed, expired, abandoned, and current tasks at the bottom of the race task list.

This will allow you to keep track of how many points you brought to your neighborhood and what tasks you took at these races.

In addition, now you can see all trophies received by the neighborhood at the races. To do this, just look at the neighborhood information screen. Break between jumps. After a long check does not hurt to take a breath, right? Therefore, the developers have set a break of 24 hours between races, which will give you enough time to search for new participants, plan races and just rest before the next races. This is the right time to change the neighborhood if, for some reason, you no longer want to be in the current one.

Hippodrome racing. Horses are hot and eager to bring home a trophy for 1 seat! Horse racing has begun, and the tension is growing!

At the very top of the horse racing window you will see the horse of your neighborhood. Under the happy neighborhood horse, there are other neighborhoods competing with you at the races. On the left is a list of the symbols of the neighborhoods and the positions of their horses.

Before the horses, you will see the number of horse racing points earned by the neighborhoods. The three best horses with the most points in horse racing will have a gold, silver and bronze award.

On the entire racetrack, you will notice control points marked with blue flags. They give horseshoes that can be exchanged for prizes. Horseshoes open only when your neighborhood reaches the control point. The more control points you pass, the more rewards you get at the end of the races. And also remember: if your lucky horse by the end of the races is in the top three winners with gold, silver or bronze , you will receive an additional reward!

Horse racing rules. In the name of fair play, the managers of these races established the following rules for participants:. The head is not active. If the leader of your neighborhood does not appear on the network and the neighborhood does not develop at all, you have several possibilities to solve the problem.

Participation in horse racing. To participate in the races, farmers must join the neighborhood before they start. The indicator next to the neighborhood will show who participates and who does not. Thus, it will be easier for the neighborhood to distribute tasks and efforts during the races. How are the neighborhoods chosen? The system for selecting opponents is simple: it is based on the number of neighbors participating in the following races.

For example: if your neighborhood is in the blue league and there are 30 participants in it, but only 20 have decided to participate in the races, then you will compete with the neighbors of the blue league in which only 20 participants prepare for the races. The number of prizes won in the past does not affect the selection of rivals. I can not ask for the item! Pick up items from the courtyard If you are trying to make a new request, do not forget to pick up the items donated by the neighbors from the neighboring courtyard.

There you will see items that can be picked up. If you touch the item, it instantly gets to the warehouse. Now that you have collected all the items, you can ask the neighbors for new ones! I can not give! Remember: a day you can give only 20 items, so when you reach the limit, you will have to wait for the start of the next day to help the neighbors again. If your limit has already been reached, ask other neighbors for help. Teamwork and generosity will lead the neighborhood to success!

If no one else can help, use a roadside kiosk to trade with your neighbors. Neighborhood query system! The one that looks like a birdhouse. Here you can ask for different items from your friends in the neighborhood.

Touch the query board and look around. There you will see two tabs:. How to ask items from neighbors?

Now you can ask the neighbors and give them items directly. Do not even need to go to the roadside kiosk! To do this, simply touch the query board and click the “query” button. Remember that a day you can give and ask for a certain number of items:. By making a request, you can ask for something else only after 8 hours. If you need to ask for something before this time expires, you can buy another request for diamonds.

Ranks for generosity. The exchange system is useful for everyone! Now, in addition to the fact that receiving items has become faster and easier, every week you will receive titles that reflect your activities. Every Monday there will be a counting of requests and donations, and each neighborhood participant will receive a title several participants may have the same title. Neighbors will carry the title of 7 days.

And next Monday, depending on the activity during the week, they will receive new ones. Neighbor tag. Finding a neighborhood is now even easier!

Just ask a friend to give you a neighborhood tag and enter it in the search bar. It is located directly below the neighborhood information. Combinations of tasks at the races. New types of tasks include performing multiple actions within a single task. Such tasks are marked with a basket icon.

Touching it, you can find out the details of the task. The process of completing tasks can be monitored using the orange indicator on the right side of the screen. Small dots indicate different actions within the task. After completing the action points will turn green. There you can see the degree of completion of the task in percent. Race themes! Horse racing has become even better! During some special weeks at the races a new theme will take place: you can get the best rewards and earn extra points by completing tasks related to this topic.

For some tasks you can get up to points! You can find out more about the next download topic by clicking the info i button in the download pause menu.

The next racing theme is just around the corner! Sending messages in the neighborhood. Now leaders and co-managers can send messages to all members of the neighborhood at once. This will help improve information sharing and coordination in the neighborhood. After the manager or co-director publishes the message, a notification about it will appear on the chat tab, where you can read it.

A maximum of three mass messages can be published. If you have already published three messages and want to publish one more, you need to delete one of the existing messages. Mysterious horse racing. A novelty that you have to taste. Everything is very simple. There will be a question with a question mark on the race board. You will not be able to find out what this task is until you take it up. For all the mysterious tasks relies points.

How to get vouchers? They can be obtained for completing orders on a boat starting at level 20 or for completing special orders on a van at level You can also find vouchers in red toolboxes, as well as win them by playing the wheel of fortune. Vouchers can also be bought for diamonds. Why some vouchers come across less often? Every time you receive a voucher, its color is automatically selected at random.

But since vouchers have different prices in the game from cheap to expensive: green, blue, purple and gold , some colors are quite rare. In particular, a gold voucher is a very valuable collectible and very difficult to find. If you continue to open and find mysterious boxes on your farm and on the farms of other players , to carry out boat orders and special orders on the van, then you will find all the necessary vouchers! What are vouchers and what are they for? In total there are four types of vouchers: green, blue, purple and gold.

You can get them for fulfilling orders on the ship starting at level 20 or for completing special orders on a van at level And they can also be found in red boxes with tools, or playing in the wheel of fortune.

Also, vouchers can be bought for diamonds. Vouchers are needed to buy pets or special decorations for the farm. How many vouchers do I have? To find out the number of vouchers, tap the icon with a magnifying glass under the diamond counter at the top right of the screen. If you helped a friend on Hay Day, he can send you a thank you note!

And when a friend helps you, you can do the same. Water their plants or help fill the boxes with orders. The person you helped could send you a thank you letter by touching the envelope that will appear next to the tree, bush or box with which you were helped. Postman Alfred will go to the farm every day after you reach level 15 to bring in letters from other farmers. To pick up the letters, touch the blue mailbox. Carefully check all letters: there may be a gift card inside!

Despite the fact that not all letters contain gift cards, the more you help farmers, the higher the chance to get more gift cards! But note that you can get a maximum of 5 gift cards in one day.

Click the Collect All tab and your gift cards will be added to the total. The total number of gift cards can be found by looking at the cover of the gift catalog.

Gift cards can be exchanged for a mysterious gift, which can be diamonds or unique jewelry. The more cards you collect, the bigger the win will be. And for them you can get random mysterious packages, which can be tools, items for expansion, and more. You can also see the list of the latest helpers in the friends panel.

To do this, tap the icon in the lower right corner of the screen and then tap the last helpers tab again. I do not receive gift cards. When you help familiar farmers, they can send you letters of thanks to show that they appreciated your help. Postman Alfred visits all farms once a day, and brings letters if they were sent to you. Just click on the blue mailbox to read the letters.

You can swipe up to read all the letters. Some thank-you letters may contain gift cards! However, not all thank-you letters contain gift cards. The number of gift cards in letters is random, but the maximum number is five cards per day.

The more letters you receive, the more chances to find a card! As soon as you click “collect all”, the cards will be added to those already in the catalog. I also advise you to look for a scarecrow on a farm. It can be hidden behind bushes, trees or buildings. If you find it, tap it to complete the training before it is gone.

The maximum number of letters per day. And those that do not fit in the bag, it will carry the next day. The number of gift cards in letters is random, but, of course, the more letters you receive, the more chances to find a card! You can receive no more than 5 gift cards per day. When you click “Collect All” in your inbox, thank-you letters will disappear and gift cards will be added to the rest of the cards, the total number of which can be seen on the main page of the gift catalog.

I can not pick up the letters. Players can only store 40 gift cards at a time. That is, the number of cards can not exceed In this case, the “Collect All” button will be gray.

You can check the number of your cards on the first page of the catalog. If you already have 40 cards, you need to use them to get new ones. Just choose the mysterious package you want to receive and cross your fingers for good luck! How to send thank-you letters? Want to send a thank you note to a good farmer? It is easy. If you touch an envelope or box once and twice a tree, you will automatically send the player a thank you, which may contain a gift card.

Remember that the possibility of sending a letter exists for a limited time. How can I help my friends? Helping friends on Hay Day is fun, easy and you can get a reward for it! Open the notifications tab to see if you need help from your friends in the game. There are many ways to help your friends with the farm, for example, they may need help with orders, bushes and trees. Touch the exclamation point!

If your friends do not need help, you can also check the newspaper “Daily Dirt”. How to help with the steamer?

If a familiar player asked for help with the execution of orders for loading into the ship, a yellow exclamation mark will appear next to it. Touch an empty box to complete an order. You will see how many items and what type is needed, as well as how many items you have in stock. Filling the boxes, you get experience points and coins. How to help with trees and shrubs? Trees and shrubs that need help will look wilted and will be marked with a small icon with an exclamation mark.

Touch the plant and you will be a great service to a farmer friend! You can also help other farmers by finding new icons asking for help in the newspaper.

Friends can send you a thank-you letter in which a gift card can sometimes be enclosed! I can not connect to Game Center. Since you are using iOS 7 software, some settings on your device may change or be reset. But you can follow a few steps to check if the Game Center is connected and if it is working normally. First, enter the device settings, scroll down and tap the “Basic Settings” tab.

Find the “Restrictions” and enter the secret code. At the bottom of the page you will find Game Center restrictions. Make sure that “Play with others” and “Add friends” are included. Next, go back to the main settings section and scroll down to the Game Center tab. Make sure “Enable Invitations” is enabled. Also, that you are logged in to your Game Center Profile account. As for the “Recommendation of friends” section, you can optionally choose whether to include “contacts” or “Facebook”.

That should work! If you still have problems connecting the device to the Game Center, check out the useful developer training videos that should help you. I do not have a Facebook account. If you do not have a Facebook account or simply do not want to use it on Hay Day, you can use the Apple Game Center app. To do this, create an account or use an existing one. In this case, you can play without connecting to Facebook. If not, sign in to the Game Center and see if you are logged in. You can also try to log out of the Game Center app and log in again.

Sometimes after the update you need to re-enter the network, even if you were online before the update. As a rule, you can also solve the problem by following the steps above. How to disable Facebook notifications about likes? To turn off Facebook notifications, simply launch the Facebook application, tap the icon with three horizontal lines in the upper left or lower right corner and scroll down. Select “Account Settings” and “Applications and Websites. How to subscribe and unsubscribe from the farm?

If you are subscribed to the farm, it will appear on your friend list, but in a blue frame instead of a yellow frame. To unsubscribe, simply tap the icon in the blue frame and touch the Bookmark icon again. Is there a limit on the number of subscribers? In the list of friends and subscribers, the number of subscribers that the farmer sees is limited to in order to improve game performance. This means that you can have more than subscribers, but of them you can only see the latest ones.

It also suggests that recent subscribers are usually more active. I can assure you that all other subscribers have not been deleted. I can not connect to Facebook! If you have a problem connecting to Facebook, try the following:. Manage your friends list. Those who are your friends in the game, you can block or delete. If you block a player, he will not be able to send you a new friend request until you unblock him. Please note that the blocking lasts 30 days.

As for the other friends on Facebook or Game Center , you will have the opportunity to hide them. It means that:. Who is online? Useful innovation in the neighborhood chat! From now on, you can check which of your neighbors is online! On the first tab of the neighbor chat, under the name of the neighborhood, a new indicator will appear with the number of players in the network.

But the list of names you will not see, only the total! This feature will help to better understand what is happening in the neighborhood.

Coordinating your actions will now be even easier! I can not use the layout! If the “make active” button is gray, it means that not all required objects are placed on the farm. When you place everything you need, the red exclamation mark will disappear from the layout, allowing you to make it active. Not sure if all the required objects are placed? Just take a look at the warehouse while editing. There you will see the required objects. Saving planning. After creating a new design, you can save progress, even if the work is not finished.

This way you can continue editing later. To save, simply tap the large green check mark on the left. In the pop-up window you will need to confirm the save. Lost connection while editing? No problem! Progress will be saved automatically. When you open the game again, a pop-up window will ask you if you want to continue the design started or discard the changes.

Copy plan. Creating a new farm and city design is easy! You can start a new design from scratch, or copy an existing layout to another cell, and then change it. To do this, select the desired layout, tap “Copy layout” and paste it into the desired cell. Remember: you can copy a blank layout into a “ready-to-use” cell. Then you will receive a message to confirm the cancellation of the design changes and start from scratch. Cannot replace the used layout with an empty one.

Developers do not want you to lose your design! Edit mode Do you want to remove everything and start the decoration from the beginning? Below are a few tips to help you edit easily and fun. Changing several fields of fences, paths, trees and bushes: having placed one of these objects, use the brush icon to beautifully draw alongside others.

No need to arrange them one by one! Storage: you can store objects as you like. If you want to remove everything in the storage, touch its icon box with an arrow pointing inward to open the storage menu. There you will see 4 options:. If you want to remove objects one by one, turn on the erase mode. Then everything you touch will automatically fall into the repository without unnecessary movements.

Features editing mode. Edit mode opens at level Above the friends tab you will find 2 farm layouts and 2 city layouts. The layout used will be marked with a green check mark. And in the second cell you can create a completely new layout, so you can easily switch between them later.

Additional layout cells can be bought for diamonds. And each layout can be given a name! Come up with something interesting related to the subject, details and other things! Why increased the cost of jewelry? Rising prices for jewelry when buying the same items may seem strange. The reason is that the more you buy, the more refined the decoration of your farm becomes. For example, if you buy a few fences, you can make a more complex pattern, which means that your farm will become more cute and unique.

The same happens with some seasonal premium decorations. Someone can afford only a few of these, while others are ready to invest more in them and bring the look of their farm to a new level! The decoration of the farm not only gives you the opportunity to earn some experience and diamonds, fulfilling achievements, but also has a positive effect on the number of subscribers :. Where are my jewelry? Jewelry that you won on the wheel of fortune, received in mysterious packages or in seasonal gifts of the fish zone, are in the store!

You will find it in the lower left corner on the farm screen an icon with a cash register. Touch the jewelry section and scroll down until you find what you are looking for. How to pick up the jewelry? To pick up the jewelry, go to the store, jewelry section, and scroll down until you find the items that are stored in the box. From there you can easily pull them out and transfer them to the farm.

Hope this advice helps you! Special decorations in the areas to expand. On the other side of the road leading to your farm, you will find areas for expansion with special decorations.

These decorations are unique and can be placed anywhere. They will become yours for free after gaining access to the relevant zones. To gain access to the area where there is a particular decoration, you will need a special permit. These permissions become available at level They can be won on the Wheel of Fortune and horse racing, as well as found in mysterious boxes. Can I pick up items from the display case?

You can not cancel the display of items for sale in your roadside shop. But you can simply throw away such items by touching the basket icon in the display case in which the item is located. It costs 1 diamond and allows you to make room at a roadside store if necessary. How do I change my name? Unlike the name of your farm, which can be changed in the game settings, the name of your Facebook, Game Center or Gamer ID account is taken as the name of the roadside kiosk, depending on which account the game is associated with.

How to change the price of an item in the store? In order to sell something on Hay Day, simply visit the roadside kiosk, touching the shop window at the beginning of the road. Touch the empty box, and a menu with items appears.

After that, touch the button with a green check mark to sell the product! How to change avatar? There are two ways to set up an individual Hay Day farm avatar.

To connect to these accounts, make sure that you are logged in to the account on the device, after which Hay Day will automatically use an avatar. How to sell items to other players? At level 7, you can open items from a barn or a silo tower for sale at a roadside kiosk. If you touch a roadside kiosk, a window will open. Touch an empty place to put an item for sale. You can choose whether you want to sell goods from a barn or a silo tower.

Set a price and choose whether you want to submit an advertisement for the sale of items in the newspaper “Daily Dirt”. When finished, tap the “Put up for sale” button. If you submit an ad to the newspaper “Daily Dirt”, your products and their prices appear in the mailboxes of other players every day. As soon as the player acquires your product by ad, you will notice the image of the buyer where the product was previously. Tap an image to collect revenue. If you want to remove items from the storefront, tap the cell you want to delete and select the “Drop” icon.

Removing the product in this way costs 1 diamond. At the same time, space is made for a new product in your store.

Visualization of goods sold. Economy Hay Day depends on the players. Millions of players compete in the names of the products offered and try to provide the best prices, all in real time. This means that you can not always get the necessary product, as someone else can buy it. In this case, it may seem that you purchased the product by touching it, but the item will not appear in the barn, and coins will not be debited from your account.

The product will turn gray and a “Sold” mark will appear above it, indicating that the item has been sold. If you purchased an item, you will notice that the coins have been spent, and the product has flown over the barn icon at the top of the screen. Hay Day is an open, friendly and social game in which players manage farms and interact with each other to achieve their own goals.

Therefore, friends, subscribers, and other players visiting your farm for example, via Daily Dirt ads are an integral part of the game. They can help you by purchasing something from you, completing an order on a boat or reviving trees and bushes. There are several options for how a player can visit your farm and help you progress in the game.

Note that in some cases the name that you see in one of the lists, and the name that you see at the roadside kiosk, when a player buys one of your items for sale, may differ. In subsequent game updates, they are going to provide players with the ability to control access to their farm. How to trade with other players? You can trade with other players starting at level 7, when the roadside kiosk opens. Players can set their own price and choose whether to advertise the product or not.

If they decide to advertise, the price of the product will appear in the mailbox of other players, and if not, only visitors of the kiosk will be able to buy it: friends or subscribers. The newspaper is always the same goods! The economy at Hay Day is unique and totally dependent on the millions of players who grow, buy and sell goods in the game. Products such as eggs and bacon, strawberries, wheat, and sugarcane, are easy to grow, harvest, and sell. Therefore, in the newspaper a lot of ads related to these products.

The remaining goods, such as jam and ice cream, are harder to produce, since this requires more time and resources. Bolts, nails, hammers and land acts are also quite rare and difficult to find.

Therefore, there are very few ads in the newspaper about these rare items. If you have an excess of rare objects – for example, you may have 10 bolts more than you need to improve the barn – you can sell them very quickly by submitting an ad to a newspaper.

By doing this, you slightly change the economy of the game and make room in your barn! The offer from Tom expired before I could hire him! This happens when Tom has a special offer for you, and you can hire him at a discount. This offer is valid only when Tom is holding a balloon. If the hiring button is gray, it means that the offer has expired and the balloon has flown away.

This is unpleasant, but it can still happen for several reasons:. In both cases, you need to close the pop-up menu with options for hiring. This time you will not receive a discount, but Tom is kind, and he can make a new offer if you hire him! In this image, the balloon just flew away left. Offer expired. Hiring options are displayed in gray. At the moment, the function works in such a way that after each task Tom sleeps two hours. To restore balance, Tom needs to rest between tasks.

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