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The game that started it all back in the PS2 era. Devil May Cry happened as a coincidence when developers were working on Onimusha or Resident Evil, and a bug happened where an enemy was stuck in the air forever.

Needless to say that this fine coincidence inspired the developers to be more creative with their new, and so Devil May Cry was born. When it comes to the storyline, Devil May Cry acts as a sequel to Devil May Cry 3 which on the other hand is a prequel. Devil May Cry was a financial and commercial success that went ahead and inspired other games to do the same.

One fine example is God of War which I had talked about in one of my previous articles. After the success of the original Devil May Cry, Capcom went ahead and made a continuation. This disappointed Hideki since he was not called by his superiors at Capcom to work on a proper continuation of the series.

Devil May Cry 2 took a dark direction compared to its predecessor. The plot begins when Dante encounters a lady called Lucia in a museum. After talking for a short period of time, she asks him to help her defeat Arius, an international businessman who is using demonic power in an effort to conquer the world. The game was criticized for its repetitive combat and poor level design, but gamers praised the game for its dark approach and its easter eggs.

After the epic flop of Devil May Cry 2, Capcom managed to bring the series from the bring of death. This time they went back to give us more story details about Dante, his family, and his true nature.

Surprisingly, Devil May Cry 3 outsold both its previous predecessors and brought newcomers to the franchise.

Needless to say that some view this entry in the series as their favourite one. Vergil and his partner in crime Arkham, conspire to use Dante to unlock the gate to the demonic realm.

Just like in the previous games, Dante will meet a beautiful chick named Lady, who will ask him to stop her father from fulfilling his wicked dreams.

What made this entry so special is how it introduced new mechanics and different combos. Devil May Cry 3 introduced new styles that broke free of the traditional hacking and slashing style previous titles were renowned for. A ranking system that rewards players for stylish executions and fantastic performance have been included too.

Devil May Cry 3 was a new entry that reinvented the hacking and slashing genre and went further beyond by introducing something that was not expected at the time. It is obvious that after the success of Devil May Cry 3 Capcom will surely want to make a new game in the series.

Because why not? Just like Devil May Cry 3, this one has brought some new changes to the overall gameplay and introduced a new main character. The player controls both Nero, a new character, and Dante.



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