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There are many articles covering features of each in great detail. Best approach when starting is looking for features you need for your use case first to eliminate those that won’t meet your needs. Feel free to hit me up offline if you have specific questions, as this topic can get very involved very quickly. Being able to join Office AzureAD is an awesome feature, especially for small business environments where you don’t have an on premise server running anymore.

I hope Microsoft elaborates on the integration features between Windows 10 and Office AzureAD, where a user logs in with his Office account and finds everyting set up, from his OneDrive, his Outlook Exchange account, Office apps, roaming of settings like browser favorites, etc. It certainly isn’t something that a small company without any IT staff could or should set up.

It is so frustrating when you need to get some work done quickly but the computer restarts automatically to update which could take a long time depending on the update. You also have Group Policy editor on Pro You can trim down Windows updates even more. I have it set to Notify me only and notfiy me to download. So, if a update comes up when I am doing something and skip it for now Also set no reboot with user logged on. I may be mistaken, but restart after updates is being scheduled for 3 o’clock in the morning.

Why everybody feels the need to update directly is beyond me. Also, there are a couple of tools like ShutUp They have active hours and they will be further expanding active hours. Honestly, updates don’t take that long especially if you have a SSD, but I know not everyone does.

I understand putting updates off and I’m guilty of it as well, but it’s ultimately better to patch the computer. Plus when you put updates off for long enough, it does tell you when it will actually restart the computer to install. I get it can be annoying sometimes, but I personally don’t think it’s that big of a deal at the end of the day. For a home user: – domain not needed.

Homegroup and network sharing should be enough. In need there are open source encryption tools VeraCrypt, KeePass, depending on needs. I see no need to buy a Pro license for a home user, especially when some technologies that might interest a typical user, can be replaced with free alternatives.

I was with you until you kind of contradict yourself: “For a home user For a ‘Home’ user, apps from the Store are much safer than x86 super spammed programs!

You might wanna read the article first. Apps in the store does not mean access to apps in the windows store. All versions of Windows 10 have that. It’s your own private section that you can use to develop and “publish” apps too. I agree for the most part, but deferring Windows Updates is a worthwhile Pro feature.

I know many people that don’t upgrade right away just in case there are issues. Active hours are extended too! TeamViewer is my favorite for maintenance but for those working in applications from home, Remote Desktop is a far better experience. I guess you don’t encrypt your phone and data as well then?

Simple answer, no its not worth it. I wish I could by Windows 10 Enterprise, thats worth it, but they dont sell it to individuals. Upgrade from Home to Pro costs around dollars. I needed that for Hyper-V. I do need some domain resources so it’s usefull for me at home. On home, it’s mostly registry settings for everything and can be a pain to hunt down if you dont know what your looking for.

Who ever down voted me is a cluless moron You really are just a fanboy who has no clue on how it all works With all of the rhetoric of there being ‘One Windows’ I am always annoyed about the difference between Home and Pro versions, and even more annoyed at the cost of Windows in general. Compare Windows 10 Home vs. Pro Find the right fit for your needs. Windows Security Windows 10 changes the game for security by protecting user identities, devices, and information with a comprehensive solution driven by intelligence that only Microsoft offers.

Device encryption Device encryption is available on a wide range of Windows devices and helps protect your data by encrypting it. Firewall and network protection Your Windows device comes with comprehensive, built-in security features, including firewall and internet protections to help safeguard against viruses, malware, and ransomware. Secure Boot Secure Boot helps prevent malicious software applications and unauthorized operating systems from loading during the system start-up process.

BitLocker device encryption If your device is lost or stolen, BitLocker and BitLocker To Go put everything on lockdown, so no one else can access your systems or data.

Windows Defender Antivirus Windows Defender Antivirus uses the power of the cloud, wide optics, machine learning, and behavior analysis to protect your devices from emerging, sophisticated threats. Windows Fundamentals Windows 10 comes with automatic updates enabled, which means you get all the latest features at no extra cost. Microsoft Edge Get faster browsing 7 8 and better battery life 8 9 across your devices with Microsoft Edge, the browser built for Windows Cortana All you have to do is ask Cortana.

Battery saver mode Extend battery life by limiting background activity and push notifications. Voice Free up time and your hands by talking to your computer. Business Management and Deployment Built-in security, productivity, and management features save you time, money, and hassle.

Business—Management and Deployment Feature Windows 10 Home Windows 10 Pro Mobile device management Windows 10 mobile device management MDM provides an alternative to traditional PC management processes: you can transition to cloud based management at your own pace. Microsoft Store for Business Your one place to find, manage, and distribute apps to Windows 10 devices in volume. Assigned Access With Assigned Access, Windows 10 Pro devices run different applications depending on the user and keep individual identities separate and secured.

Dynamic Provisioning With Dynamic Provisioning you can take a new PC out of the box, turn it on, and transform it into a productive organization device, with minimal time and effort. Windows Update for Business Windows Update for Business can help businesses reduce management costs, provide control over update deployments, enable more efficient delivery of updates, and provide access to the latest innovations from Microsoft. Kiosk mode setup Configure a device in kiosk mode in a very simple way.

Go ahead, get creative Edit photos and spice up presentations. Microsoft Office Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and more—get everything you need to create and present your ideas with a Microsoft subscription. Digital pen and touch Scribble down a headline, draw a chart, add bullet points—design an entire presentation with a digital pen.

Photos The new Photos app makes it fun and easy to enhance your digital memories. Learn more. Quickly capture your thoughts, tasks, and reminders Use Sticky Notes and type, ink, or add a picture to save ideas, thoughts, lists, appointments, and more—so you don’t miss a thing! More efficiencies, less energy Windows 10 has apps and features to help you have fun and get more done with less hassle. Timeline Scroll through time to find documents and websites. Voice, pen, and touch Interact with your Windows 10 computer in new ways.

Windows Hello Log into your Windows devices three times faster by using your face or fingerprint. Gaming Windows 10 is built for the games you love. There’s also Credential Guard and Device Guard features for protecting Windows logon credentials and locking down which applications a PC can run, and the option of keeping a PC on the Long Term Servicing Branch where it gets only security updates ideal for systems you need to have working reliably for years without being affected by new and changing Windows features.

The free Windows 10 upgrade doesn’t apply to Windows Enterprise; that’s because you can only get it with a volume licence and you have to already have a Windows Pro licence for each PC , and if you have a volume licence you already have the option of Software Assurance, which includes upgrades.

This is the Long-Term Service Channel version of Windows 10 Enterprise meaning it’s a more long-term support system with a released update scheduled for every two to three years.

That gets you security updates for 10 years after its release also. This edition does not feature the Microsoft Store or any bundled apps. This is aimed at situations where the functionality won’t change over long periods of time, so for medical systems like MRI and CAT scanners, industrial process controllers and air traffic control.

Windows 10 Education is a more recent SKU, designed for large academic organisations like universities that want the security, management and connectivity features of Windows 10 Enterprise it’s common for students to need to join the domain to use official printers, for example.

The feature list is almost identical to Windows 10 Enterprise but it doesn’t have the Long Term Servicing Branch and instead of having to upgrade from Windows Pro, you can upgrade directly to Windows 10 Education from Windows 10 Home. That means educational establishments can easily make Windows 10 Education available to students bringing in their own PCs. The idea behind this version of Windows 10 Pro is to offer the Education extras at a discounted rate to those with a K academic licence.

So you get most of the Windows 10 Pro features with some options deactivated by default to suit educators. The likes of Cortana, Microsoft Store suggestions and Windows Spotlight are all disabled as standard. There are also great options that make setup and deployment easier in an educational system.

If you have a Raspberry Pi 2 or an Intel Galileo or a range of other ‘maker boards’ you can get a free version of Windows 10 for them that can run universal apps. There are also versions of Windows 10 that OEMs can put on more traditional embedded devices like point of sale systems, cash tills, ATMs and other machinery. The former is for things like digital signage, smart buildings, gateway, HMI, smart home and wearables.

Enterprise is more for industry tablets, retail, kiosks, medical devices, manufacturing devices and Thin Client.



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