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Nov 05,  · The maximum number that you can add to the jump list is You can personalize this number in the Jumplist field. Click on the small arrows to increase or decrease the number of items and then click or tap the Save button. To update the jump list with the new settings, press the Update Jumplist button. Feb 03,  · Now select an application in the Explorer window that opens to tweak that app’s jumplist. You’ll next need to select the program’s window to Estimated Reading Time: 5 mins. Mar 26,  · Hold down the shift key and click the icon. Right-click the icon and choose the program’s name. You can use it to add or remove items from the jump list. To pin an item to the jump list, click to the right of an item and click the stick pin. Pinned items stay on the list regardless of how recently they were opened.

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Although there’s still no clear explanation on what triggers this erratic behavior, deleting a few files that contain your now likely corrupt jump list index will repair the feature. You will see a list of files that contain your custom collection of jump list items, one file per program. Delete or move to another location all the files on that folder. Again, move those files somewhere else or delete them. Some users have reported a succesful repair by moving the files to a safe location, restarting and then moving the files back up.

In my case I had to delete all files and start fresh to fix the jump list feature. If you are a Gmail user , you can not only drag and drop attachments from a Windows Explorer window or your desktop, but can also call up a jump list and drag a file directly to Gmail’s attachment box. Not a true jump list trick, but it comes close enough.

StandaloneStack is an utility that will let you add file and program stacks to a taskbar icon, resembling the ‘stack’ functionality in Mac OS X. Editing a taskbar program’s location and properties is accessible from the same jump list menu. Right-click on the icon to reveal the jump list and then right-click again on the main program’s entry to show the complete shortcut menu. Jumplist-Launcher is another nifty third-party utility that will let you create your own taskbar entry to be populated with as many files and programs as you want well, actually there’s a limit of 60!

The utility let’s you customize lists in different ways and it doesn’t need to be installed or run in the background for your newly created jump list to function afterwards. Bonus Jump List Tricks. So when working on a Word document or visiting web pages, you can quickly do one of the tasks without having to minimize your currently working windows to bring up the Outlook window. You can also pin sites to your favorite browser icon. I can quickly jump to the Listserv website without having to open my browser then navigate to the Listserv website; hence, saving time.

Another extremely useful Jump List is associated with Windows Explorer, the Folder icon located by default in your Taskbar. You can pin numerous folders to the Jump List so you can quickly access those folders, even folders on a server. This is such a time saver since you can quickly jump to the folder you need versus a long navigation.

See Figure E. Jump Lists from the Start Menu will appear different, but they function in the same way. See Figure F. As you can see from the examples, I use my Jump Lists all the time; I rarely open a file in the traditional method any longer, and it saves me lots of time, and energy wondering where I stored that file.


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StandaloneStack is an utility that will let you add file and program stacks to a taskbar icon, resembling the ‘stack’ functionality in Mac OS X.