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7 Gadgets Pack free download, and many more programs. X. Put Google Search on your Windows Vista sidebar or the Windows 7 desktop. . Sep 14,  · Here is a list of the 8GadgetPack gadgets for Windows that you can use on your desktop. 1. Laptop Stats. Laptop Stats is one of the most popular desktop gadgets out there. This is originally a system monitoring gadget with a battery percentage. This is why it is most suitable for laptops and other portable devices. Windows 7, Dark themes L-Theme XWidget Rainwallpaper Jimking 5 5 Buuf Theme for XWidget Jimking 9 5 Bioshock Theme vol.2 for XWidget (FREE) Jimking 7 3 Bioshock Adaptive music widget JaxOriginals Lightfresh Suite for xwidget Jimking 6 2 A Sweet Suite Code-Sapient 19 3 i3D Widgets Pack for xwidget Jimking 77 23 Episodes 3.


Windows vista-7 gadgets pack for xwidget free. Download Windows 7 Gadgets Pack

Oct 26,  · Share your thoughts, experiences, and stories behind the art. Literature. Submit your writing. Jan 24,  · Gadgets For Windows Vista 7: Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming: Internet Archive. Gadgets For Windows Vista 7. Item Preview. There Is No Preview Missing: xwidget. Jan 24,  · Gadgets For Windows Vista 7. Due to a planned power outage on Friday, 1/14, between 8am-1pm PST, some services may be impacted.


Windows vista-7 gadgets pack for xwidget free. Get Android & Mac OS X Style Gadgets For Windows 7 & Windows 8 With XWidget


If you are here to bring back the nostalgia by using some desktop widgets for Windows 10 computers, you are in the right place.

Desktop gadget was one of the coolest features of the older versions of Windows, such as Windows Vista and Windows 7. But unfortunately, Microsoft has discontinued this feature long ago. You know desktop widgets were always built to increase productivity, and even mobile operating systems like Android and iOS have adopted this feature recently. But we are fortunate enough that there are a lot of third-party independent developers who have come up with some solutions like 8GadgetPack to install these widgets on Windows Since there is no centralized repository from Microsoft to store and distribute publicly available widgets for Windows, it is very difficult to find the best ones from the internet.

Besides, there are different software to apply those gadgets, which leads to compatibility issues. But I think 8gadgetPack has the most support for third-party desktop gadgets, and this is why I recommend this. Here is a list of the 8GadgetPack gadgets for Windows that you can use on your desktop.

Laptop Stats is one of the most popular desktop gadgets out there. This is originally a system monitoring gadget with a battery percentage.

This is why it is most suitable for laptops and other portable devices. Unfortunately, the color scheme and font choice are not the best in this gadget. However, in terms of productivity, nothing can beat this classic widget. This gadget is specially made for office users. I know that Microsoft Sticky Notes has become a great option for taking notes right on the desktop.

But if you want a quicker and simpler option, Minimal Notepad is the one to go for. You can also customize this gadget with your favorite font and background color.

If you are a networking enthusiast, then this one will help you a lot. This is an all-in-one gadget for Windows that shows you various network parameters. IP address, firewall status, speed graphs are some useful additions to the features. The design of this gadget is a bit nerdy, and most people will fall in love with this. Most laptops and desktops are nowadays built with discrete graphics processing units. If you are a gamer, you would definitely want to check on the GPU status.

This widget does the thing for you. It shows you the available memory, temperature, and a few other parameters. Besides, you can customize the look and feel based on your choice. If your C drive becomes full of junk files, it might slow your computer down. This is why constantly checking on your free storage is a good practice. Of course, you can do it from the file explorer itself.

But this desktop gadget will come in handy if you want to take a glance at your storage drives without wasting any time. This is a fancy little widget for Windows to monitor your CPU status. As the name suggests, it will show the status of all your CPU cores in a single panel.

In addition, the performance graph updates in real-time, and there is also a RAM indicator. Customization is a great aspect of this widget, and the addition of the processor brand logo adds up to the aesthetics. The calculator app that comes installed with Windows 10 is quite modern and powerful. But launching it from the start menu can take a while. But this calculator widget for the desktop will remain open all the time, and you can perform quick calculations right from the desktop.

In addition, you can change the colors of the buttons, which is really appreciable. This is a simple flip-down clock for your desktop.

But it will definitely add up to the aesthetics of your computer. It can show the second update, and the animation looks beautiful. Other aspects like the clock format and size can be altered from the customizer, which is great. You can choose from 5 different colors too. If you want to get the ultimate productivity, there is no alternative to segment your work into various time slots. To keep track of that time, this widget will definitely come in handy.

It looks like a normal digital clock, but you can set alarms by choosing the time presets give here. Also, you can customize the time and choose the alarm sound from the computer itself. If you love astronomy, then I am sure you will love this gadget for Windows. As the name suggests, this widget will show you moon phases based on your current location. However, unlike other widgets of this type, it visualizes the data with a beautiful digital image of a moon.

The data is collected from Yahoo, and this is quite reliable. The default battery icon on the taskbar is quite small on Windows Although if you click on it, you will get to see the battery percentage. Luckily, this desktop gadget solves this problem. In addition, it has a beautiful design that also increases the beauty of your desktop. This widget for Windows is my personal favorite. In fact, it has increased my productivity to a great extent. This gadget is a tiny clipboard manager for your PC.

The default clipboard manager for Windows 10 is powerful, but that is not easy to launch. This one can memorize your last copied texts, and you can increase or decrease the memory limit. Why using online tools or bulky apps for unit conversion when you can do that with a tiny widget? You can choose from various units to convert them. Besides, the option for using custom conversion is a great addition, and it is quite useful. There is an easy way for that.

It is very unlikely that you will forget the day even after watching the countdown every day! Besides, the design is quite elegant. This is a fun little widget for your desktop.

You can set up desktop backgrounds with your favorite pictures. But that static background can look dull sometimes. However, this Carousel widget will rotate and show your favorite pictures.

The animation is soothing, and it is fun to look at. This widget brings you a full-size piano right on your desktop.

So you can play your favorite tune when you are not working. By default, the piano looks tiny, but you can enlarge it to get all the keys. Also, you can choose from various custom skins.

If you have to manage your team members remotely from all over the world, this widget will come in handy. The little map on your desktop shows your current location as well as the sunlight map of the world. It will let you know which part of the world it is night and in which part it is the day. You can expand the map too for a better view. This widget the miniature version of the classic Windows Media Player that still comes preloaded with the Windows operating system.

You can control the playback of your favorite music and video through this gadget right from the desktop. In addition, the widget size can be increased or decreased based on your preference which is another useful feature. For example, you can set a button to restart your computer or turn it off quickly.

Also, you can access to task manager, command prompt, and some other apps from this widget. There is a simple clock too, which comes in handy most of the time. The list will remain incomplete without this widget. On Windows 10, you have access to the stopwatch function from the Clock app. However, why use that when you can access this tiny stopwatch right from your desktop?

This stopwatch is pretty basic, though. But I love the minimal look and feel of this widget which is also easy to use.

The above-mentioned widgets are individual scripts to display a particular gadget. But they need additional gadget packs installed on your computer to run properly. There are a few gadget packs out there on the internet. They come with some preinstalled gadgets. Also, most of them support sideloading third-party gadget files. All of them are somewhat similar in terms of functionalities.

So, you can use the one that you like most. This is a popular widget collection for Windows 10 computers.